Today I’m sharing about the little-known tradition in Jiaodong Peninsula (current rural China tour destination and my home region):

On the 3rd of March on lunar calendar, a newly-wed woman needs to give her mother and mother-in-law flour-sculpted swallows. This is for blessing her husband and fertility.

The 3rd of March is also called “Newly-Wed Woman Festival”.

In Chinese folk culture, swallows are symbols of diligence, and marriage harmony. In Jiaodong Peninsula, there’s a saying “it’s a worry when swallows don’t come to nest in one’s house”. Villagers know too well that swallows are auspicious birds. I’m so happy that my young friend, whom my tour guests met, has given her mum these beautiful cute swallows, together with many other auspicious plants and animals. I’ve learned something I didn’t know about my culture, here to share.

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