Dear all,

Happy weekend! I’m back from China!

Today I’m presenting you with some yummy wild food:

The 2 fish dishes are from the delicious and auspicious fish in Chinese folk culture – carp! The first dish is red braised, the young farmer bought it fresh and live from market, and it was divine! The second dish is sweet sour deep fried carp, the bones become crispy, when that dish is served to us during Chinese New Year by my mum, it always disappeared in five seconds among the chopsticks of mine and my cousins’.

Picture3 is corn pikelets with prawn head paste, strong taste, typical local peasant’s food, today a delicacy sought by fancy eaters!

Picture 4 is Sheppard purse (wild herb) meatballs with woodear fungus.

Picture 5 is deep fried cicada in shell with sesame seeds and coriander! One favourite summer night activities by kids from old days and adults today is spotlighting cicadas in the dark, after they come out of soil, before they climb up the tree and shed the shells.

Why not come with me to Rural China this September (18th – 28th) to try some of these wonderful wild delicacies! Group size is limited to ensure great interaction and personable experiences, so please book in quick. If you’d like to secure a spot within next week, I’ll give you a free ticket to “Fish Kiss Bath” at Aishan Mineral Hot Spring. All you need to do to secure this special deal is to transfer $300 deposit to Shaoying Tours within next week, BSB 302 162 Account Number 1117866, with your name in the description, upon receipt of the deposit, Shaoying Tours will email an acknowledgement to confirm booking



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