Hi, I grow up in the mountains in rural China, spent childhood chasing butterflies, making flower wreath from wild chrysanthemum while farmers are helping each other to harvest their crops,  produced organically before the fertilizer age.

Festivals and big occasions are decorated with folk arts, paper-cutting, painted steam bread, many villagers are folk artists, local opera singers or local play actors. Every market and fair is a farmers’ market, filled with real produce from real producers. These farmers have lots of traditional knowledge of growing and storing food, building traditional houses which are sensible to the local environment. I always missed the hospitality and simplicity of these beautiful people. They give their best to their guests even if they themselves are poor.

Farming communities are the food producers of a country, in my eyes, the most important sector in any civilisation. These days, many farmers leave the land behind and seek a living in the city, family life, traditional arts and knowledge, and mental wellbeing are severely compromised… similar things are happening in Rural Australia.

I’d like to bring appreciation, income and pride back to rural communities, show people how beautiful these rarely known places and people are, tourists would be able to experience true authentic culture, meet real locals and chat about their lives, eat and live and work with local farmers.

On the other hand, Chinese people are becoming interested in rural Australia, for sightseeing, for investing in agriculture. Lots of these are based on Chinese perception about Australia. Having lived in rural Australia for about 10 years, and visited many farms, I see the challenges and opportunities the Australian Rural Communities have. I have connections with a range of farmers and farming communities.  My tours in Australia bring Chinese people the real  experience in Australian farming communities, for investors, I present them with advanced Australian farmers with farming practices good for the land, people and profit.