Cultural and Rural China Tours

Travel deep into your heart

Featuring Authentic Earthy Real China 

  • Stroll along raw rural Chinese villages, go back in time
  • Explore the mountains and seas.
  • Farm, forage, cook, eat and entertain with the locals
  • Stay in traditional Chinese village houses
  • See things hand-made and try it yourself
  • Learn a wide range of traditional Indigenous knowledge: food, arts, medicine, house-building
  • Sustainability and community minded, helping preserving culture and nature
  • Small group, relaxed pace, away from tourist crowds


In-depth Travel Experiences

Deep into Rural China – Jiaodong Peninsula

Step into Ancient China – Jiangnan

Deep into Rural China – Ancient and Wild Heart of China

Deep into Rural China – Inner Mongolia (to be released)

Deep into Rural China – Loess Plateau (to be released)

Deep into Rural China – Guizhou Plateau (to be released)


Ancient Village – Xidi


Natural Hot Spring – Aishantang

Folk Festival

Thousand-island Lake


Just back from an amazing holiday in rural China. I did a 10 day tour with #ruralchinatours. We travelled far off the beaten track into northern China, to villages and towns on or near the coast. In some villages we were the first caucasians to ever visit. My favourite part of the trip was spending four nights in an ancient village where we made lots of friends and had great fun learning how to make dumplings, play mahjong, create traditional crafts and dance. We spent a magical evening enjoying a Chinese opera outdoors with our fellow villagers. We visited various farms and learned how to harvest peanuts and corn. And every meal was superb. We were made welcome in peoples homes and left knowing that we were leaving real friends behind.
Shaoying was the wonderful tour leader who made it all happen. I can highly recommend this tour. — Heather

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About Shaoying

Growing up in rural China, I know how beautiful country people and rural sceneries are, rural China is a place with natural beauty,  arts, food, medicine, architecture culture and knowledge.  People are humble, kind and unsophisticated. Let me take you to experience a simple, beautiful and hospitable life in rural communities in China.

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