Cultural and Rural China Tours

Travel deep into your heart

China is big and ancient, tourist crowds come and go in limited time, visiting major tour attractions. Much remains unknown and mystery.
Often I hear people say “The countryside in China looks beautiful, I wish to spend more time there”.

Do you feel the same?

Yes, China’s countryside has

  • less-known beautiful sceneries
  • earthy traditional buildings
  • kind and hospitable people
  • delicious and healthy local cuisine
  • less-inherited traditional knowledge and folk arts

Shaoying Tours is all about experiencing cultural and rural China first hand

  • on less-treaded path
  • in a small group
  • with relaxed pace
  • interacting with locals
  • hands-on enjoyment of nature, culture, food and arts


Ancient Village – Xidi


Natural Hot Spring – Aishantang

Folk Festival

Thousand-island Lake

About Shaoying

Growing up in rural China, I know how beautiful country people and rural sceneries are, rural China is a place with natural beauty,  arts, food, medicine, architecture culture and knowledge.  People are humble, kind and unsophisticated. Let me take you to experience a simple, beautiful and hospitable life in rural communities in China.

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