Deep into Rural China – Ancient and Wild Heart of China

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The Chinese map shapes like a rooster, the heart of the rooster is where we are going!

  • It’s amongst giant green mountains and clean rivers and bubbling creeks, by the north of Yangtz River, rural and hospitable, between world-heritage listed natural and cultural wonders.
  • It’s home of diverse rare plants and animals, including giant salamander, golden-haired monkeys, live fossible trees Shui Shan trees (Metasequoia glyptostroboides Hu & W. C. Cheng), and Gong Tong trees (Davidia involucrata Baill.),  Not to mention the many rare herbs, some of which are more expensive than gold.
  • It’s the origin of Chinese medicine, origin of tea (originally used as Chinese medicine).
  • It’s where wild men were sighted many times, it’s where a peaceful and separate society was discovered, recorded in the wilderness, yet never found again.
  • The location where the Chinese life creator pre-history lady Goddess Nvwa mended sky with rocks to stop flooding, the leftover rocks have turned into the best quality turquoise! More expensive than gold.
  • It’s the homeland to Daosim and Wudang Kungfu, where the philosophy of nature and human are one is exercised every way.

Every household makes their own quality tea, home liquor, know their Chinese medicine. We are coming to be amongst them and connect with these beautiful people and land.

Travel dates: 6 June – 19 June 2021, 29 Aug – 12 September 2021 (trip departs with 6 or more people)



Travel right into the heart of China, amongst the miles of extending green mountains and clean rivers. Live in the rural villages and experience the ancient culture and knowledge, most of all, hospitality.


Day 1: Arrival in Xi’an, dinner and sleep

Day 2: Morning greeting to the ancient Xi’an Wall and stroll, then head to Zhashui County,  have inexpensive lunch there at your own choice and cost, visit Zhashui Karst Cave, then to our Zhushan village, arriving at our Yong Kingdom Grand Hotel, and have a rural dinner, and home-made quality tea.

Day 3: Wear Han costume to browse the ancient Yong Kingdom Museum and its food workshops. After authentic local lunch, visit the Ancient House of Wang, rock galleries and root sculpture galleries, afternoon nap or free stroll, then boating and/or swimming, pending season and weather. Chat and/or dance with locals after dinner and tea.

Day 4: visit Turqoise Museum and Bamboo Weaving Workshop, visit the ancient Gao’s House, then shop for next day’s picnic. Dinner and chat.

Day 5: A leisurely hike into Jiuhua mountain and forest for a hike, enjoy the rare plants and Chinese medicinal herbs with local doctor’s guide. Picnic in Jiuhua Mountain. Then visit tea farm, pick your tea leaves, observe tea making, tasting; visit liquor workshop, experiment the art, taste the strong local liquor (be careful). Then head to Hongmiao Village for dinner and sleep.

Day 6: free time to stroll in the beautiful scenery, experience farm work such as ploughing. After lunch, visit the No. 1 Long-life Village of China: Bailihe, a leisurely hike in the mountain, swim and a BBQ dinner. Stay in the special rock tiled local house for the night.

Day 7: Boating along to search for the lost world along the river. After lunch, visit the ancient salt route, echoing wall, and an ancient Tiejian Youshan tree (Keteleeria davidiana), then to next village for dinner and sleep.

Day 8: Visit village clinic and its doctor, see the Chinese herbs in store. You get a free diagnosis with this generational Chinese doctor. Help cooking lunch, then visit the breeding site of giant salamander, go to the mountains to learn identifying and picking Chinese medicines. Stay in the clinic accommodation overnight.

Day 9: Head to Muyu Village, stop by Mochi Village for a break and sightseeing, pass by the big nine lakes in the plateau. Lunch at Pingqian Ancient Village, then see part of the vast Shennong Jia National Park (where wild men were sighted), and head to our accommodation in Muyu Village.

Day 10: sightseeing along to Fangxian, and after lunch, soak into hot spring to relax, then head to our accommodation to Bailang City.

Day 11:  Head to Yuxu Palace for morning exercise, Taiji, then breakfast, and go to Wudang Mountain, arrive at our top quality accommodation on the mountain. Enjoy activities such as tea arts, Daoism music, Taiji wellbeing.

Day 12: morning Taiji on Wudang Mountain, then bus and hike to see a series of ancient temples, valleys, slope and grand Nanxiao Palace. After lunch by the palace, we’ll visit the famous Nanyan Temple built onto the cliff. Then return to our accommodation.

Day 13: head back to Xi’an with a small romantic stop. Depart at the airport. Guests wishing to stay in Xi’an to explore further will be dropped to the travel agents of your choice (we can help you choose).