This post will be a bit less formatted as I type it on my mobile, real time from China.
Although the topic is scheduled to be on Resourcefulness in rural China, I thought while I m here learning Chinese painting and calligraphy, checking out more beautiful rural villages for us to visit, I may as well share some photos with you all for now.
Picture1 features a family ancestor worship hall, the thick round beam is made of Camphor Laurel, strong fragrance deters all insects, including spiders, so its all clear of spider webs without dusting.
Picture 2 is an ancient house converted to a lovely BnB, great healthy food. Not cheap, and my guests for this Huizhou tour will stay here for a night.just too beautiful.
Picture3 is a mill at one ancient village in Huizhou. that village will get you experience wax printing, cake making and rice planting.
so long for now, heading to my Chinese painting class.