I’ll share with you the usefulness of corn plant, continuing on the resourcefulness theme, a lot to learn from rural wisdom 🙂

During corn harvest, you’ll see lots of locals would volunteer to help corn farmers to peel corns off their husks, because corn husks are so useful, as you see in the above pictures. They serve as baking paper, adding corn sweetness to the bread or dumplings. They can also be made to practical things like sitting mat, baskets or beautiful crafts.
Nothing is wasted, corn cobs are dried and used as good fire kindling, even better, once crashed, they are very good and cheap  mushroom growing medium. Corn stalks are used as firewood and making crafts… childhood memories.
This is one example, you’ll discover more when you look at old houses – different parts of the sorghum stalks are used for roof construction and insulation… I’m astonished learning about it myself, the locals can tell you correctly in detail.
Nature gives us so much, as long as we are ingenuous to discover them, respect them and not waste them.
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