Dear all,

Welcome to July!

Thank you for some lovely feedback on rural China newsletter! It’s so good knowing that you are reading them and enjoying them, your replies to my silent emails are sunshine to my day J . And what an inspiration meeting the community-minded people from South East Producers!

Today Rural China Newsletter will showcase you some of the activities we did in ancient Xiheyang Village.

We’ve made dumplings of all kinds and ate them J delicious! Village-milled flour, village-grown wheat, garden-grown garlic chives… We learned making flower bread, made an Australian lizard with flour too, we went to a cheery local opera, was commented as Shakespeare like by guests, we did folk dance, we ventured into country market, tried various food… picked Jujube from a hundred-year old tree, the list goes on… These doesn’t include the activities we had in mountain villages yet, that’ll be the next newsletter.

I’ve just talked to the village activity manager today, we’ll get even deeper this year… such as fermented soy bean paste (miso) making, pickle making, traditional popcorn making with a big bang, sour dough, vermicelli making, traditional house building, painting onto steamed flour bread, could be all possible, if only we had plenty time… I’m excited and looking forward to checking them out with you!

For September 18-28 tour, last few spots available, please let me know ASAP if you can make it, it’s only a bit over 2 months away.

For April and September 2019 tours, first 3 people to book for either of those two tours will get $300 off. April tour has only one $300 off space left, so if you are keen, please lock in the special in.

China could be mystery land to many, mass media hasn’t been the best influence. If anyone has questions or concerns about travelling to China, I’ve also developed Travel Tips on Rural China Tour website, they are very helpful information and can put your mind at ease, and/or get you prepared. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions beyond what’s already covered there.

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Enjoy your weekend!