Step into Ancient China – Jiangnan

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Come and travel back in time, into the thickness of ancient Chinese culture: immerse yourselves into ancient Chinese villages everywhere, meander through beautiful Chinese gardens, experience the traditional way of living, food, tea, arts, and everyday life in rural villages. Get ancient scholarly with the making of four study treasures: inkstick making, Chinese paint brush, Xuan paper, and ink trays, and of course try writing calligraphy, and observe/participate in many folk arts like cloth-dyeing, silk making, Chinese medicinal herbs, traditional cookie making, and much more.

Throughout Chinese history, Jiangnan (south of the Yangtze River) has always been known for its ancient villages by canals, elegant Chinese gardens, misty and romantic rain, delicate willows and flowers by the lake, silk and tea, poets and artists, beautiful physical features of people. This is the regions that we’ll explore in the 11 days, including many world-heritage listed natural and cultural beauties and less known well hidden treasures as well.

Deep cultural experience at very good price. The package includes great local food, accommodation (twin-share 3 stars above), on-ground transport, food and art workshops, and entry fees to the gate of tour attractions. Tour price does not include international flights.

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Tour Dates:

Around 5-16 May. 18-28 September each year . For exact travel dates, please feel free to enquire in Contact Us section.

Dates are flexible pending best airfare available.



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