Deep Into Rural China – Jiaodong Peninsula


Live with fruit farmers and fishermen, work with them in the mountains, on the sea, learn cooking from them, participate in making traditional arts, watch local performances, go to farmers’ market, celebrate festivals with locals when in season, chat with locals and understand the way they live and their reality.

You directly interact with locals, with assistance of interpreter. You’ll also get to visit the little Forbidden Palace, the best kept traditional private residence in northern China from ancient times, linger in national forest park, dip into mineral hot springs, and see where the eight immortals sailed east. It will be your unforgettable 10 days.

High-end authentic earthy experience with very affordable price, made possible by generosity and hospitality of villagers and farmers. Price includes food, accommodation (twin-share), local transport, food and art workshops, and entry fees to the gate of tour attractions.You can choose other services at your own expense, such as Chinese massage and mugwort heat treatment, and additional entry to other fee items once you are inside a tour attraction spot. Tour price does not include international flights.

Tour Dates: 

2019:  7-16 September, dates are flexible pending best airfare available

2020: 17-26 May, 17-26 September, dates are flexible pending best airfare available

2021: 21 -30 May, 17-26 September, For later travel dates, please feel free to enquire in Contact Us section.



Deep into China immerses yourself into Chinese rural communities, experience traditional food and medicine, folk arts, traditional building and farming.

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: arrive mid morning, rest, lunch then visit the one of the four most famous ancient Chinese pagodas, architectural masterpiece - Penglai Pagoda.

Day 2 & Day 3: integrate into a rural village and a particular farming family, the village leader will greet guests and introduce the village history and produce. Visit the old traditional houses in the village, traditional farming practices and tools, participate in the cooking, light farming activities, foraging; experience healthy and authentic local cuisines, story-telling, family and community life in rural China. All with the guide of a generational farmer and his 96-year old grandma.

Day 4: Visit Sang Island, stay with a fisherman family, experience their life, activities and food. Stay overnight.

Day 5 – Day 7: Visit, stay and experience Xiheyang Ancient Village.

You’ll live in ancient mudbrick houses (accommodation part is modified), observe and learn about the history and stories of the village and the old houses, marvel at the rocket stove way of cooking and heating, pig keeping in the yard, see a myriad of traditional farming tools, experience traditional food making (such as flower bread or vermicelli), celebration, chat with villagers, watch and/or participate in village performances, barter in country markets, seaside BBQ.

Day8: Visit two villages with a rich history of Cultural Revolution time. See how terrace fields were built to alleviate poverty, dine in a special restaurant with decoration and flavour of Cultural Revolution time.

Day9 – Day10: Visit the best kept northern Chinese folk architecture – Mou’s Manor, experience a World-Heritage listed Chinese traditional art form – paper cutting, with one of the five most famous Chinese paper cutting artist, dive in the mineral rich hot spring and observe or enjoy herbal foot massage with traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Note: Activity arrangement may swap/change depending on local situations. Accommodations are in either clean, well-rated hotels or historic houses.

Deep into China immerses yourself into Chinese rural communities, experience traditional food and medicine, folk arts, traditional building and farming.